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CineWap is an online service 20m Series Capitaleconomictimes that provides instant access to digital movies and TV shows on demand. The service was initially started as a way to give users the ability to watch local movie & TV shows on their personal computer screen at home. Today, it has become a popular choice for many people as it enables them to stream content from various streaming sites at one go. CineWap is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry devices. It can be used for several purposes such as experiencing the movie or television show in person, downloading the entire list of available movies & TV shows directly from Cinewap and watching them all at once from any device. Read on for more details about what you can do with this service.

What is CineWap?

CineWap is a service that enables viewers to see videos and TV shows from different platforms at one go. It works on the principle of “watching in real-time, for the moment, and then waiting for the stream to finish so that I can watch it again”. The service was created as a way to give people the ability to watch local movie & TV shows in their own home. On top of this, CineWap can also be used to host live-action and live- Sprite TV series. It has a growing number of partners that include most of the major streaming sites and even major movie studios like Warner Bros., Disney and 15 others.

How to use CineWap?

The basic usage of CineWap is to stream networthexposed media files from various sites. To start with, the user simply enters the URL of the video or the show he/she wants to watch and then selects the channels he/she is interested in. Since the site is auto-generated based on the video or show’s title, the user selects the required channel to start watching. If there is an episode of the show or a movie in the channel’s scheduled for release, CineWap will automatically queue that show for the user’s entertainment.

Get started with CineWap

After selecting the channel and movie to watch, the user loads the CineWap app on his/her smart device. From there, the user can start enjoying the entertainment they have on demand. Currently, only a few devices support the service: Android sdasrinagar and iOS devices, with further growth expected in the coming months. The basic usage of the app is to view the recorded content and, optionally, to save the stream to the device’s camera roll or other storage. Afterward, the user can download and store the latest version of the app on the devices he/she controls.

Watch and download movies & TV shows from Cinewap

Although the basic usage of Cinewap is to stream media files from various sites, the service also supports watching video and TV shows from other platforms. You can access this feature by adding the necessary channels to the list of supported devices and then selecting the desired show from the list. Once the show is loaded, the user can choose to watch it on his/her device or to download it to his/her computer via the web.


Cinewap is a great service when it comes to expanding the number of devices that are supported and being able to watch content via the internet. However, there’s one major downside to this: all individual donations go directly toward supporting the development of the service. Therefore, if you enjoy the service but would like to give a small amount to help with the costs of operation, or to help with the launch of the service, or to be a part of the Cinewap team, then click here to donate.


CineWap is a great way to experience local content on demand. It allows users to watch as much as they want from a variety of platforms and devices at once. The service is currently only available for Android, iOS and Windows devices, but is expected wrinky to expand to other platforms in the future. Cinewap has an extensive range of features such as live-action TV shows and movies, and can be used to record and distribute content. However, the most important feature of Cinewap is its freedom to review and donate updates as well as its independence. For example, if you have a device that doesn’t support the feature, you can ask the team to create a working version of the app on your behalf and then ask them to release the updated app to your device. When used correctly, Cinewap can be a great way to experience live TV and/or movie making at home.

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