6 Major Reasons You Should Contest Your Divorce

Divorce can be a painful and gut-wrenching experience. Contested divorces are even more complicated, as parties have to battle it out in court and the process can be long and tedious. However, there are certain circumstances where it is necessary to contest a divorce. 

Contesting a divorce can be difficult and time-consuming, but it can also ensure that you get the best possible outcome in the end. A Birmingham contested divorce lawyer can help you determine whether contesting your divorce is necessary by evaluating the problems between you and your spouse.

Here are the six major reasons why you should consider doing so:

  • Your spouse has concealed assets 

If your spouse has hidden away assets from you during the marriage, it is important to contest the divorce so that they are discovered and accounted for. This will ensure that you both receive a fair settlement in the end and that all assets are divided fairly. 

  • Your spouse is asking for more than he/she deserves 

Sometimes, a spouse may ask for more than they deserve in a divorce, such as alimony or child support. By contesting the divorce, you can make sure that any payments requested are fair and reasonable. 

  • Domestic violence is involved 

If one spouse has been abused or threatened by the other during the marriage, it is important to contest the divorce to ensure that proper legal action is taken. This can include restraining orders and other measures to protect victims and their children from future harm. 

  •  To protect the interests of your children

If you and your spouse have children, it is important to consider contesting the divorce in order to protect their rights. This can include decisions about custody, visitation, education, medical care, and other similar matters. By contesting the divorce, you can make sure that these matters are settled fairly for all parties involved. 

  • To ensure fair property division

When couples decide to divorce, they need to divide their marital property. Contested divorces allow you and your spouse to resolve these matters in court where all parties can make sure that the division is fair and equitable. 

  • To get spousal maintenance

In some cases, the court may decide to award spousal maintenance if one spouse is unable to support themselves financially. Contested divorces allow both parties to present their case and make sure that any payments are fair. 

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