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Do 30 Year Olds Really Use Snapchat?

Despite the high popularity of the app, do thirty year olds really use Snapchat? Well, there are many reasons why. Among the main reasons, they find the app more appealing than other social media. These reasons can be attributed to the popularity of the app among young people, which makes Snapchat a popular choice for them. And what’s even better, you can’t measure its popularity. This makes Snapchat a great choice for teenagers who want to keep in touch with friends and family.

The majority of Snapchat users are under 25, making up nearly sixty percent. Of these users, twenty-four percent of them have not even finished high school. Another twenty-five percent are between 25 and 34, while only two percent of those over 55 are active Snapchat users. Despite this demographical divide, Snapchat remains a popular option for younger users and should continue to expand as it continues to grow. But the key to its success is its ability to captivate young users.

Snapchat is currently the most popular social media app globally. In the US alone, thirty million users use the app. In addition to sharing photos and videos, they can also play games on the app. Another interesting fact: one third of Snapchat users also use the app to experiment with lenses and filters. Furthermore, four out of ten people discovered brands on the app through celebrity endorsements or online posts. So how do you see the future for the application?

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