Do You Know The Importance of Yoga For Seniors?

In today’s world, yoga is mostly associated with exercise modalities, stretching, pilates, etc. But the truth is, Yoga is an ancient, convoluted practice that dates back thousands of years that roots in Indian philosophy. People use yoga to train the mind and body to become aware of nature. It was recognized as spiritual practice years ago and has now developed into a popular way of promoting mental and physical well-being in the modern era. If you need help in practicing yoga or a companion for seniors in your home, consider getting a Personal Health Care service. 

Importance of yoga for seniors

“Yoga” is a term that contains various styles and practices. Hatha variety is referred to as the term “yoga.” Hatha is a gentle yoga that highlights static poses and is a good starting point for starters.  It generally contains three components:

  • Pranayama

They are generally the beginning part of the hatha yoga classes. It includes breathing exercises. As the individual move through the postures, the instructor will guide them to focus on their breathing and make them try different breathing exercises.

  • Poses

The poses are called asanas. They are a sequence of movements that helps to improve balance, strength, and flexibility. The range of poses may vary from simply laying on the floor to physically complex positions. The instructor can modify the posture if any position feels complex for the individual.

  • Meditation

Most yoga classes are completed with a short span of meditation. During this time, the instructor will take a class with guided meditation. 

Better balance

Older people are at high risk of fractured or broken bones that can cause them to lose their balance and fall. With the help of straps, blocks, bolsters, and incline boards, the individual can correct their alignment and improve balance. 

Stronger core

Muscle mass declines with age during the age of 40-50. This change can make the adults feel increasingly powerless with time, and if there are no lifestyle changes, it will make them lose control and independence in their life. 

Super Stretching

Regular back pain is common and can be tiring for many adults. Regular yoga can stretch and move the body, including spine movement in all directions. Therefore, a little amount of yoga can boost any older individual’s flexibility, resulting in improved comfort and mobility. For those who have aggravating back ailments, yoga can keep their spines healthy.

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