How Do Kitties Manage to Land the Right Way?

The notion that feline fur babies safely land on their feet always is not entirely true, but they do possess a remarkable ability to adjust their body position while falling, allowing them to land on their feet most of the time.

Know that not all falls are safe for cats; they can be susceptible to serious injuries, especially from high falls. Their ability to land on their feet is remarkable but not foolproof. It’s crucial to provide a safe environment for your cat and prevent them from accessing high places where they may be at risk of falling.

Also, consider being equipped with cat insurance so your furball is covered for basic testing, treatments and medications just in case it suffers from accidental injuries, particular illnesses, and health emergencies.

Contemplate purchasing pet insurance so you don’t have to take on financial stress to get your feline the required medical assistance during challenging times of health. Meanwhile, read this article to learn how kitty cats manage to land on their little feet most of the time, if not all times.

How cats achieved this feat

Reflexive twisting

Cats have a unique reflex called the “righting reflex.” When they sense they are falling, they quickly rotate their head and body in opposite directions to maintain their balance.

Flexible backbone

Cats have a highly flexible spine, allowing them to twist their bodies mid-air and align themselves for a feet-first landing.

Bendable limbs

Their limbs are capable of bending and absorbing the impact of the fall, reducing the risk of injuries.

Air resistance

Cats spread out their bodies, making themselves more aerodynamic during the descent. This helps slow down their fall and gives them more time to orient themselves thebirdsworld.

Can young kittens achieve the same feat?

Landing on feet is an instinctive behavior; young kittens do not require any formal training to develop this skill. As early as three weeks old, you may observe the righting reflex in them, although it is not fully developed at that stage. The reflex typically becomes fully established when they reach around seven weeks of age.

Witnessing how this innate behavior emerges and matures in kittens as they grow is fascinating. The development of their balance, coordination, and reflexes allows them to navigate falls more effectively and land on their feet. This natural ability is an essential adaptation that helps ensure their safety in various situations.

While kitties possess the instinct and physical capability to land on their feet, it does not guarantee that they will always escape unharmed from falls. Falls can result in minor/severe injuries, and in some cases, they can be fatal infosportsworld.

The height of the fall, the landing surface, and other factors are crucial in determining the extent of injuries. Even with their remarkable abilities, kitties may still experience broken bones, sprains, bruises, or internal injuries from high falls or unfavorable landing conditions.

Exercise constant vigilance when your kitty pie is engaged in high-adrenaline games in potentially dangerous places. Simultaneously consider being equipped with cat insurance so that handling unexpected health scenarios is much easier. Contemplate purchasing pet insurance to assure your furball basic medical care during non-routine vet visits, with little financial implications.



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