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How to Make Alexa Play Music From YouTube

Amazon Echo speakers have made listening to music even easier. While Amazon’s Music is great, you may prefer the variety of tracks available on YouTube. It’s free, offers millions of tracks, playlists, and even allows users to upload their own music videos. If you’re using an Echo Dot, Alexa can play music for you by using Google voice recognition or Bluetooth. For a more personal listening experience, try asking Alexa to play a track by artist or title.

YouTube Music isn’t supported by the third-party apps for Amazon Echo, but it can be streamed via Bluetooth. Just make sure that you have enabled Bluetooth on your Echo speaker before attempting to play YouTube music through your Alexa device. Alternatively, you can ask Alexa to reconnect your phone and activate pairing mode on your Echo speakers. Another easy way to solve your problem is to unplug your Echo speaker. You might also be able to fix the issue by unplugging your Alexa device.

In order to make Alexa play YouTube, you need to sign in to your Amazon account. The Amazon Echo is an excellent smart home hub and speaker. However, you can use Alexa on a variety of devices, including smartphones. The main downside is that it sometimes has trouble understanding your voice commands. Amazon is constantly upgrading Alexa’s intelligence and machine learning algorithms to make it more accurate. YouTube is Google’s answer to Amazon’s music streaming service. If you’d prefer to use YouTube without the streaming service, you can skip this step.

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