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I hate it when my friends,Look Red Team Newmanwired and I get rowdy. But that’s just me, right? When my friends start acting up, it just becomes one big party. And that’s always a good thing. You know? It fills us with energy and makes us all feel better about ourselves. A party is the perfect way to release some tension or set your mind at rest. All you have to do is go to a big party and let loose for an hour or two. It’s not as confronting as it can sometimes be when we’re all stress-stricken over our latest project or club gig. So we can relax and talk things through instead of getting weirder and weirder from time to time. And the best part is, you don’t have to spend an entire night at home feeling bad about yourself – your friends will make sure you eat dinner together so you can continue partying till tomorrow!

What to expect at a BIG Flix Party

When you’re at a big party, there are lots of expectations. Your friends will usually want to join you for the whole thing. This is fine, but you’ll also expect to have a few yourselves. So if you sense that your group of friends is a little out of it, you can reach out to one or all of them and get their thoughts. You’ll probably talk to them about your project, the latest club gig or whatever it is you’re sharing with them. You may even end up sharing a drink or two together and doing a little bit of dancing. You won’t be able to identify every little thing that goes on, but you’ll likely recognize a lot.

What to wear

You’ll definitely want to wear comfortable clothes when you have friends over for a big party. So you can relax and get in shape while pinning this down. We recommend a light, loose, fitted vest with a slouchy collar and pair of sponges. You’ll also want to wear a pair of loose and comfortable shoes that you can step/dance with while your friend is in there. And if you don’t have any shoes to wear, you can always wear your sandals. We love this pair from To Be supplementation.

Don’t be afraid to ask for tips

When you’re at a big party and your friends are out of it, it’s important to remember to be patient and listen to their advice. Your friend may not be able to do everything you do, so don’t think you can do everything just yet. But when your friend tells you “X doesn’t do this” or “Y doesn’t do that” – don’t think you’ve died and gone to heaven just yet. You’ve still got a lot of energy to get through, and a lot of support to bring to the party (we love this quote from the party-planner section of the website, too). So don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Makeup is optional

If you don’t have time to put on makeup before the party, you don’t have to do it. In fact, you probably shouldn’t do it at all. But when it comes to enjoying a big party, we think it’s important to help your friends look good before they get there. That means no makeup, no cat eye or brow shaping, and just a pair of simple oversized sunglasses. And yes, you can use your own make-upbrush if you’d like to do that, too. We love this eyelid-shaped makeupbrush from Makeupland.

Don’t forget the watercooler

We know pogs and photosynthesis are really simple concepts, but they sure as heck aren’t the way to go on a big night out. If your friends are going to be doing construction or demolition work, or you’re doing anything stressing you out – you’re going to want to go to the bathroom right away. Whether it’s in the house or a park, you’re going to want to use the largest bottle of water you can find. It’s not only going to keep your friends hydrated but it’ll keep you from getting too out of control. Plus, it’ll make the night a lot less stressful because you won’t be thinking about all the things going on around you. You’ll be able to relax and unwind after theparty.

Get prepped for the party with a big night table and chairs

If you don’t have a party table or chairs for the entire thing, you should probably not be at a party. But when your friends are over for the night, you can go overboard. You can buy them dinner, put them in the living room for a few hours and have them watch TV while you do something else. Or you can put them up against the wall and have them watch TV while you do something else. We love this design table from Diageo.


So you’ve had your fill of partying and are ready to get back to your usual life – where you belong? Well, congratulations. Most of us would love to start the day by taking a nice walk around the block or taking a dip in the pool. But there’s no need to be so forward-thinking that you start taking those steps before you’ve had your fill of partying. It’s okay to be weirder than everyone else – as long as you’re in the right spot at the right time. And the best part is, it doesn’t even matter where you are in the world – because you’re already in the room with the most amazing audience!

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