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The Lunatic Frat Pack goes through a period of crisis.Postscript Shopify Sms Series Greylock Yckumparaktechcrunch The leader of the pack gets an appetite for destruction and mayhem, while others are more than happy to see their jobs go the way of the dodo. That is, if they can find someplace to fight. The Squalid Aristocrat packs its bags and heads out into the wild, but not before it all has been said and done at last. There’s only one place left where fear and hate can co-exist: The Pit! The team puts down roots in this urban den of suffering; they learn how to survive, they grow their own food, and they form a tight bond with each other. But there’s also a part of everyone that yearns for freedom. If there’s one thing you can say about all of us now, it’s that we’re still figuring that out!

The Lunatic Frat Pack

The Lunatic Frat Pack is a group of anti-heroes that come to life after being shot in the head. They are bloodthirsty, crazed, and driven by a need for vengeance. They are the bad guys of the webcomics, and their alter egos are the best. You might recognize the names Will Willoughby, Justinamate, and Simon Saack from their roles in the television series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. The major characters in the Pack are Ethan (the leader), Willoughby, and Jaden. They are a family, bound together by their shared love for violence, mayhem, and a plan to get out of there as soon as possible.

The social life of the Squalid Aristocrat

The social life of the Squalid Aristocrat is the animals of the Pit. All of them have a shared interest in the killing of others, and a desire to improve themselves through cruelty. When the time comes to take down the Pack, they will all band together, offer protection to the new members, and take part in the meat and potatoes of survival. First, they hunt; then they eat; then they make videos and Instagram videos of themselves being eaten alive by animals; and then they try to kill the authorities.

Rules of engagement in the Pit

The rules of engagement in the Pit are simple: all parties must abide by them to the letter, no exceptions. If a member of the Pack is found violating one of the rules, they could be shot and killed by their comrades. What makes the Pit a safe space for the group is the presence of law enforcement, who enforce the rules but often fail to enforce them completely. The beauty of the Pit is that there are no rules. There is only people, violence, and a plan to survive.

How to survive in the Pit

The only way to survive in the Pit is to find someplace else to run. You can’t fight the element of surprise; you can’t fight the elements of necessity either; you just have to find a different way to survive. There are a few things you can do to survive in the Pit: – You can always use an escape plan. You can make a plan to get out of the Pit, then run, but you can’t make a plan to get in. – You can use the escape plan as a guide to find a new location to hide. – You can also use the guide as a means to communicate with your friends in the Pit.

The Pact

The Pact is a relationship between two people that lasts a very long time. The two of them travel together as a couple, finding mutual support and comfort in each other. It can be years before they even meet. – The partners in the Pact never break the rules they are bound by. – The partners in the Pact can never be found; they are always looking for new ways to interact.

Where to find space in the Pit

The only place left for the Squalid Aristocrat to thrive is in the Pit. The best place to find room in the Pit for the team is in a alleyway or in a shanty in the middle of the desert. – The alley way or shanty in the middle of the desert is the perfect place to hide! – The better the space in the Pit the better. It should be large enough to hold the six of us, but small enough not to be scouted out by law enforcement. – This must be a public space. There shouldn’t be any cover-ups or cover-ups needed; there must be no secrets in the air, no tips, and no plans to survive. – There must be some type of barrier between the public and the Pit; walls, tables, or other objects should do the trick.

Dealing with the Dead

Once a month, the team goes to the hospital to pick up the body of one of their members. They then take it in turns to sort through their stuff until they find their fallen comrade’s things. Then they put their deceased friend inside of an urn full of holes, plonked them in the desert, and buried them. – After a while, the team gets hit by a wave of nostalgia and starts to reminisce about their fallen friend. – Then the group starts to lose their minds and starts to fight other members of the group until they are all gone.

The Final Fight: Round 1

After the Gathering of The Fallen, the members of The Lunatic Frat Pack head to the desert to start their journey to freedom. During their journey they will deal with the consequences of their actions, but first they must take on the challenge of the first round of the annual Desert Survival Guide.


The best way to survive in the pits is to find a new location to hide. If you see a hill or cliff that you think might be able to withstand the elements, take a picture and send it to social media as soon as possible. If you aren’t able to find a new location to retreat to, don’t worry; there’s always another way…

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