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The Easiest K-Pop Company to Get Into

If you’re considering getting into the K-pop industry, you might be wondering what the easiest K-pop company to join is. After all, it takes at least ten auditions before you can get accepted. Fortunately, this is far easier than it seems. Read on to discover how to get started! We’ve outlined some of the best routes below. But how do you know if you’re ready to take the plunge?

The first step in getting a K-pop company is to find out what companies are currently hiring. The industry is now expanding and hiring more foreigners than ever before. www afilmywap gg Companies like HYBE are hiring 60 trainees this year and will likely have 500 next year. The average training period is three years, but this can vary depending on the company and agency. After all, it’s worth a try. And remember, you can always audition again if you don’t get a call back after a week.

Another way to become a K-pop star is to start a social media account. Many entertainment companies will scout new talent through social media profiles. tunai4d You can join these pages, but you need to make sure your posts aren’t controversial. In addition to this, the company will provide you with a social media manager who can ensure that the content is appropriate for the company’s brand. You’ll be in good hands if you follow the tips above.

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