Tips to Successfully Fight a Debt Collector

Tackling a debt collection agency’s calls, texts, and emails can be challenging and stressful. However, if they experience a significant inconvenience from your side, they will file a lawsuit against you. It becomes more complicated and frustrating to understand and deal with the legalities in such a situation. 

You may all experience a certain nervousness; however, in a crisis like this, try not to panic and seek help from a professional. Contact a debt collection defense attorney from  Zero Debt Law Firm and discuss your case. 

Getting a lawyer is the first most essential step towards fighting the claim of the debt collection agency against you. Your lawyer will take all the steps needed to make your case strong and get you out of paying the heavy amount, provided you co-operate with them. 

Tips to successfully fight a debt collector

  • React to the case

A common mistake people make when a debt collection agency files a claim against them is to ignore the case and keep living their life. The misconception is that it will disappear if you miss it for enough time. 

However, it is not that simple; the longer you take to respond to your case, the more complicated it will get and negatively affect your side of the lawsuit. When the agency files a claim against you, the court will give you a specific period to respond to the case. 

If you fail to respond to your case within the time limit, the court will pass a default judgment. In most cases, this default judgment benefits the debt collection agency and is a massive setback for you. 

Not reacting to the case has adverse and ugly effects on your life, and some of them are;

  • The debt company gets permission to freeze your bank account
  • Intruding in your income and bank accounts
  • Possession of your valuable and significant assets

File a defense case in your favor

If the debt collection agency has filed a lawsuit, you have every right to fight back. Debt collection agencies buy debts from creditors who have given up on trying to ask for the obligations. These debts are purchased for a fraction of the price, and the agency will charge you a lot more and keep the upper amount as profit to themselves. 

So make sure you ask them for evidence proving their right to collect a debt from you. If they fail to do so, you can file a case against them by contacting a debt defense lawyer and sue them for fraud. 


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