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Which Factors Make Someone A Trustworthy Eyewitness?

When you get into a car accident because of someone else’s fault, your attorney might use eyewitnesses to determine liability. Eyewitnesses are people who were near the accident site when the event occurred and had seen it unfold before their eyes. Therefore, their opinions and insights about the accident are valuable in court. 

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However, not just anyone can become a credible witness. There are certain factors that make one a credible witness, and it is important that a person meets the criteria. A Rio Rancho car accident attorney can help fine and recognize good witnesses. 

Factors that make someone a trustworthy eyewitness

  • Criminal history. 

It goes without saying that a person with a criminal history in Rio Rancho may not seem credible and trustworthy in the eyes of the court. A person with a clean record is usually considered more credible because they are thought to be more law-abiding than criminals. They also would not lie in court for the benefit of one of the parties.

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  • Willingness to come forward. 

A credible witness is someone who won’t hesitate to come forward and narrate what they saw. Since they are confident in their statements, they won’t feel scared or confused when narrating the event and their insights. A credible witness won’t try to avoid the police and will be waiting to give their information to them so that the police can contact them later.

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  • Not a friend or personal relative. 

A credible witness is almost never a friend or a personal relative of one of the parties. If they are, their statements may not be considered valuable by the court. This is because a person who is close to the plaintiff or defendant is likely to lie in court for their friend. 

  • Reputation for being a dishonest person. 

The law checks various aspects when it comes to confirming the credibility of an eyewitness, and one of them is their reputation for being a dishonest person. If the person has a history of lying about things, they are not credible. Moreover, if they are caught in a lie, people would wonder what else they have lied about. 

  • Mental state at the scene. 

A person’s mental state at the time when they were viewing the accident is also important. A person should be sound, sober, and clear-headed when viewing the accident and giving the testimony. Drugs, alcohol, and any other intoxicating substance can hamper one’s ability to view and perceive things as they are. Additionally, physical impairments such as blindness can affect their credibility as well.

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