Why Does Sexual Harassment Continue To Occur -Here is the Truth!

Sexually harassing someone at work is against the law. It is really that easy. Someone in a position of authority is not allowed to treat their employees unjustly. Additionally, coworkers are prohibited from harassing somebody based only on their gender or other aspects of their sex. The Law Office of Jeffrey A. Goldberg can help you by providing you with the best help.

Even though it is already against the law, this stuff still happens. People occasionally report jokes or remarks that are racist. Others claim inappropriate physical contact or touching. Others claim that in order to receive benefits like a raise in salary or a promotion, they were required to perform sexual favors.

You immediately recognize the falsity of these tales when you hear them. Nobody’s employer should ever experience this. However, despite being against the law and immoral, it still occurs. Why does this happen?

Power, not sex, is at stake.

Remember that sexual harassment and discrimination are frequently motivated by a desire for power. This explains why it tends to be males who commit the crimes and women who are the victims. Even while it may and frequently does happen the other way around, males typically occupy more positions of authority in today’s American workplaces. Despite progress toward gender equality, this is still the case, and the resultant power disparity frequently gives rise to harassment.

You can not pass laws regulating people’s attitudes.

The fact that even if something is forbidden, people will nonetheless be drawn to do it presents another issue. The way people feel about doing it cannot be regulated by law. CEOs are aware that it is against the law to harass female employees in the workplace to show dominance over them. They will nevertheless want to carry it out. They will not stop because it is against the law; instead, they will try to cover it up or gaslight the workers into thinking there was no problem in the first place. In other words, no matter how many laws are passed, this will still be an issue since people will always be eager to disobey the law.

What can be done?

The law is, thankfully, on your side. The legal remedies available to you if you have experienced sexual harassment or discrimination at work must be well understood. You are not the only one who experiences this; your employer should treat you far better.

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